Feb 03, 2020

Feb 03, 2020

February 2020 - So last night the KC Chiefs won the Super Bowl.

My dad was for the 49ers, my husband was for the Chiefs. I was only there for the commercials. It was an epic year for Super Bowl commercials, btw. There were many good ones, one even brought a tear.

My favorite was Feed the World a Snickers.

I spewed my tea watching this commercial, it took me by complete surprise.

“Babies named after produce”.

For the past couple of weeks, Snickers has been running ads showing folks digging a hole and “explaining” why they dig. Followed by telling us “The World Is Out Of Sorts”.

It finally made sense. I finally connected the dots. When all those folks started pouring out of the forest toward a giant hole in the ground, their ‘angle’ made sense.

It was an aha moment, it met me where I was at: fed up with the crazy-ness that our world is today. Fed up with the ridiculousness that we encounter on a daily basis.

Did you see the one about the dad digging a hole because his 32 year old part time DJ son still lived with him? Here it is in case you haven’t…

What was Snickers ‘angle’? A natural solution to a problem.

Problem: a world gone mad
Solution: eating a Snickers

It was entertaining. I was glad to finally close the loop in my brain about why Snickers commercials were featuring folks digging a hole.

And I fully agree the world is out of sorts. I am burdened by it, actually.

There are many areas where my own world was/is out of sorts. I have made many changes but creating SkinTech was my natural solution to one of the problems.

Problem: complicated, confusing skincare routines
Solution: One step quick and extremely effective regimen

I may write about other changes to my ‘world out of sorts’ later, we’ll see.

But for now, I concur. The world is out of sorts. I may have to buy a Snickers.

What about you? Do you agree the world seems out of sorts? Why do you dig?

Have you found any solutions? I’d love to know what you are doing to make your life simpler (and to not have to 'dig').